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The Trade Sage is a stock market calculator that allows you to process and calculate a wide range of stock market price information. There are four fundamental calculators compounded within the Trade Sage software that allow you to perform four different analyses of any stock price based on the information you have available.

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The four calculators available are:

  • Gains/Losses Calculator: This allows you to determine how much you stand to gain or lose on a particular trade.

  • Risk to Reward Ratio Calculator: With this tool, you can determine if your potential gains outweigh your potential losses; a clear buy sign.

  • Wave Retracement Calculator: Calculate the percentage one price movement wave retraces another. This is especially handy with Elliot Wave analysis.

  • Price Projections Calculator: Use this feature to predict how much you stand to gain depending on your success given your current investment capital available.

Go ahead and use the calculator right now. It is completely free and does not require you to download anything.

There is also a version you may purchase via PayPal, The Full Trade Sage. This is a portable, downloadable version of the software you may take or use anywhere for your trading needs.